The Army has a variety of extracurricular teams. This includes a shooting team, a football team, and now, an e-Sports team. E-Sports is the name given to the rising tide of competitive video games. If you aren’t aware, e-Sports is a nearly billion-dollar industry and is rising rapidly in popularity. 

The Army e-Sports team may be new, but the relationship between video games and the military goes back to the beginning of digital gaming. According to many reports, video game technology has evolved from programs that were financed and sponsored by the U.S. military. Spacewar!, the game that most identify as being the first video game, was developed at MIT through funding from the Pentagon. 

The Global War on Terror is the first war to be fought with servicemen raised in a culture where video games are a common recreational activity. I spent countless weekends playing Battlefield with my platoon mates wired up on Xbox. Others played Halo, or even earlier multiplayer shooters such as the iconic Goldeneye played on the Nintendo 64 platform.

It is impossible to ignore the influence that video games have had on our modern military culture.