COVID-19, CO = “Corona”, meaning “crown,” VI = Virus, D = Disease, discovered in (20) 19 — COVID-19.

This below video appeared in circulation last week; I was made aware of it just a few days ago. At face value for many of us it was rather shocking as it was coupled with the following explanation:

“Over 25,000 killed they have started shooting down all the people with the virus in China ( video shared by a reliable source in China)”

The first thing I don’t want to do is pompously pontificate about what is true and false according to me, wonderful me, mystical marvelous ME! While I am intermittently stupid, I am in control of my intervals of stupidity, and one of those intervals is NOT right now.

Rather than speculate what is being seen and heard in the video, I chose to approach an expert, a man who has had first-hand experience in systematically promenading through a populated city gunning down innocent citizens who may or may not be infected with the coronavirus. I put out my queries, though my phone has yet to ring.

I may be as little as no help at all in vetting the video, or the counter video that came out very soon after, which attempts to debunk the original video. I’ll treat the first video with some factual observations about what I am seeing; I’ll follow that up with some personal observations, but if you are holding your breath waiting for me to declare the authenticity in the name of SOFREP… enjoy your hypoxia.

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For the record, I speak, read, and write both northern Chinese Mandarin (national Bei Jing [北京] dialect) and southern Cantonese Chinese (Hong-Kong [香港] dialect).

At the beginning of the video, we see three men clad in a minor medley of Personal Protective Equipment. They are clearly loading Assault Rifles and semi-automatic pistols. The Chinese characters on the left driver’s door say “Public Safety.” The characters on the hood of the car say (as does the English) “Police.” It strikes me as funny-odd that a province in China — Hu Bei (湖北) — has “Police” in English. Does America really have such influence there?

Frame grabs from the topic video clip.

Toward the end of the film, there is a bus-type vehicle with an indication of the city and prefecture in which it is in service, followed by “Weī Sheng Yuàn (卫生院), meaning “hygiene, sanitation, health hospital.” This puts me plumb in mind with the American version of an ambulance — “bambalamps” if you are from sectors of Tennessee.

The “Ambulance (Bambalamps).”

Personal Observations:

1) I see nothing unusual (at all) with police arming themselves with AR-type weapons to respond to many situations just as is the practice by Law Enforcement Officers here in the States. Officers will employ ARs while responding to many felony offenses such as Grand Theft Auto, Kidnapping, Threats with Firearms… etc. To suggest that the officers in that video are “just-a fixin’ to go mow them down a plethora of people” is farcical.

2) The meter of the gunshots is rhythmical, not necessarily in keeping with anything other than an administrative function.

3) The moaning, groaning, wailing soundtrack strikes me as sensational and non-sequitur to the visible scene; it impresses me as a soundtrack that belongs to some other event.

No conclusion will be offered here because a summary conclusion will draw a distinction and warrant a declaration. As before, I emphasize that SOFREP is not vetting or debunking the authenticity of any claim.

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This is the counter to the original video:

First, it is paramount to understand this (so-stated in the video) “investigation” and counter-report is a product of CGTV — China Global Television Network. CGTV is owned and operated by China Central TV (CCTV), which belongs to the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CCPPD).

CGTV is a lavishly-funded operation under charter by Chinese President Xi Jin Ping (習近平) to “tell China stories well.” Well, ok! We got trouble, right here in River City, with a capital “T” and that rhymes with “P” and that stands for “Propaganda!” It’s a federally-funded publicity department with instructions by national command authority to tell the nation’s stories well — not accurately — but well.


1) The investigation immediately takes attention away from Wu Han by declaring that the scenes from the original video were actually those from a traffic incident in a township a three-hour drive from Wu Han. That impacts me as a feeble and juvenile technique at debunking.

2) The explanation for the presence of the police at the beginning of the video is that they are headed out to take care of a rabid dog that is threatening the neighborhood. Possible, yes; probable, no.

3) A doctor vouches for the patient that is claimed to be the one injured in the traffic mishap. I don’t speak Chinese well enough to determine if I think the doctor is full of dung or not, so… my shame!

Then there is the mysterious broken sidewalk cornerstone. In America, we have the Grassy Noll conspiracy theory, and in China, they now have the Dislodged Cornerstone conspiracy theory. That broken chunk and surrounding area look like the same place in both videos. But as for credence in the reporting agency, the one with the marching orders from the president to tell a good China story, no purchase, my friends…

Right now all I see is China lying, followed by China lying about the other Chinese lie in an attempt to get their own lie out front where it can garner more popular support over the original lie — lying is as lying does, said Forest Gump’s mom. It appears my own up-and-coming software magnate — Chi-Tech — will continue its endeavor to produce and market a petaflop-capacity mainframe computer to China, that can provide at least an archival basis for keeping all their lies straight.

The zombie-like condition of this citizen of Wu Han. He is caught by the affliction seemingly mid-stride.

It is clear that China is in jeopardy right now — no lie! In America, we worry about eliminating false positives in ground truth analytical devices. In China, folks are reporting to hospitals with cogent symptoms of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the tests are showing false negatives. In some cases Chinese citizens are getting two false negatives for the virus, and only on the third attempt at the test do they draw a positive and are finally allowed to enter for treatment.

The official number for COVID-19 is skewed because an undetermined number of the afflicted are choosing to stay and die at home, rather than expire in the pandamonium of the quarantine chambers.

In the Bãi Bù Tíng district of Wu Han, an admonition was delivered to the committee that organizes the yearly Chinese New Year’s banquet that is attended by some 40,000 people. The warning was ignored resulting in a boom in the number of persons infected by the virus, so much so that the local health services were taxed beyond their ability to effectively respond — another great idea ruined by a meddling bureaucracy that can sooner face reality than their own reflection in the morning mirror.

Hey, we do it to ourselves here in America; the Chinese are doing it to themselves in China — kicking themselves in the Howard Johnson. People are people so why shouldn’t it be so?

By Almighty God and with honor,
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