COVID-19, CO = “Corona”, meaning “crown,” VI = Virus, D = Disease, discovered in (20) 19 — COVID-19.

This below video appeared in circulation last week; I was made aware of it just a few days ago. At face value for many of us it was rather shocking as it was coupled with the following explanation:

“Over 25,000 killed they have started shooting down all the people with the virus in China ( video shared by a reliable source in China)”

The first thing I don’t want to do is pompously pontificate about what is true and false according to me, wonderful me, mystical marvelous ME! While I am intermittently stupid, I am in control of my intervals of stupidity, and one of those intervals is NOT right now.

Rather than speculate what is being seen and heard in the video, I chose to approach an expert, a man who has had first-hand experience in systematically promenading through a populated city gunning down innocent citizens who may or may not be infected with the coronavirus. I put out my queries, though my phone has yet to ring.

I may be as little as no help at all in vetting the video, or the counter video that came out very soon after, which attempts to debunk the original video. I’ll treat the first video with some factual observations about what I am seeing; I’ll follow that up with some personal observations, but if you are holding your breath waiting for me to declare the authenticity in the name of SOFREP… enjoy your hypoxia.

For the record, I speak, read, and write both northern Chinese Mandarin (national Bei Jing [北京] dialect) and southern Cantonese Chinese (Hong-Kong [香港] dialect).