The U.S. Navy has begun a large-scale advertisement campaign, aimed at recruiting gamers. The Navy has come to the conclusion that many young adults, ages 17-24, are spending more time in online gaming environments rather than watching conventional television broadcasting.

The Navy plans to create an e-sports group, comprised of recruiters with a strong gaming background. These recruiters will be all over the country, attending videogame competitions and conventions, attempting to show this new generation of gamers how they could fit in, excel in the U.S. Navy.

The chief marketing officer for the Navy Recruiting Command, Capt. Matt Boren stated that “one thing the military really tries to do is show that we’re relatable. We want to show that the military is relatable to our target audience, which is predominantly 17 to 24 year-olds, and that these relatable people do relatable things.”

The Navy Recruiting Command plans to create 10 recruiting billets for the best of the best gamers in the fleet. These sailors will go through recruiter training and then work out of a dedicated gaming facility. The goal is for this “wargamer” team to stream content, play online, and recruit through mediums such as Twitch. (Twitch is an online portal where people are able to stream their games and watch others play, all the while chatting and communicating, making this an ideal tool for Navy recruitment.)