President Donald J. Trump recently scored a major political accomplishment in Vietnam regarding on-going POW/MIA efforts in Southeast Asia (SEA) stemming from the Vietnam War that the mass media and many Vietnam veterans organizations are apparently ignoring.

After remaining reticent for nearly a year on the topic of finding, identifying and returning to America the remains of 1,602 Americans missing in SEA from the Vietnam War, Trump spoke out on the issue at least twice while visiting Vietnam last month following the Asia Pacific Economic Conference in Da Nang.

[At this time, it’s unknown if anyone told Trump that the hotel site where that conference was held in Da Nang, is the former location of the top-secret base of operations called Command and Control North, which was one of several bases used during the deadly eight-year secret war in Vietnam run under the aegis of the top-secret Military Assistance Command Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group. Green Berets ran top-secret missions into N. Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia from the MACV-SOG bases.]

Before flying north to Hanoi, Trump held a press conference where he said,