The following is an excerpt from Violence of Action: The Untold Stories of the 75th Ranger Regiment in the War on Terror. I was fortunate to be able to read an advanced copy, and there is nothing else out there like this book. Aside from a few news stories and a couple self-published memoirs, there is almost nothing out there as far as boots-on-the-ground accounts from Rangers in the War on Terror. Violence of Action is a compilation of accounts from dozens of Rangers. This book will churn your guts and is an absolute must-read. — Jack

While his element was moving out, I remember looking down the hill and into the valley and being able to see the rest of the platoon. I remember telling the platoon sergeant that I was still on that hill and could see them and had over watch for them. A few minutes went by, and I remember thinking the gunshots were starting to move a little further away. Another five minutes went by and the gunshots were now even further away.

Once I realized the platoon had moved the wounded to CASEVAC without me, it hit me like a brick in the stomach. I immediately made my way down the hill I had climbed and didn’t see anyone! I realized I had been left! Completely alone now, the feeling that hit my gut was indescribable; it was so overwhelming that I dropped to a knee instantly. My anxiety was going through the roof and for some reason, I jumped up and turned around. I had a feeling that someone was watching me.

About 25 meters behind me was an enemy fighter dressed in red with his weapon at the low ready, sneaking up on me. I raised my SR-25 sniper rifle at him and shoulder fired a few times. I managed to hit him once in the stomach area and he went down. When we were making our way to Pape’s element, I asked the dog handler if all of the threat was eliminated and he responded with no, there are still 7-9 guys that made it out of the cave. So, thinking I had just been walked up on by a squad-sized element, I made my way down the hill I was on. While I was running I looked over to my nine o’clock and could see the same guy in red sitting against a tree with his gun.