Several prototypes of the long-promised “Trump Border Wall” are currently under construction in San Diego.

Six companies have been granted contracts from Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) to design the eight separate prototypes, which must be complete by October 26th of this year. President Trump has championed the building of an all-encompassing border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border for years, and it has become a lightning rod of controversy.

While there are slight differences in material and design between the early designs, they follow closely with guidelines issued by President Trump and CBP. They are 30 feet tall, mostly all cement, and appear to be impenetrable. Although CBP earmarked funding for the designing of the wall prototypes, funding for the wall in its entirety remains up in the air, subject to future negotiations in Congress.

While Democrats have universally opposed the construction of any border wall, Trump has indicated he is willing to make concessions with DACA recipients in exchange for the Wall. Along with funding for the Wall, Trump demanded that federal funding be blocked for so-called “sanctuary cities” and to roll out a merit-based legal immigration program.

Many critics of the Wall say that building a taller and more robust wall will do nothing to stop the intricate tunnel systems employed by drug cartels that have burrowed beneath the existing border barrier. Or that the huge demand for illicit drugs in the United States will ensure that the supply will “find a way”.
But CBP officials have consistently voiced their support for the Wall, saying that agents on the ground can attest to the success of physical barriers in stemming the flow of illegal migrants across the border.