Here at SOFREP, we collectively strive to be, and consider ourselves, a largely apolitical organization in that we do not often come down on one or the other side of the usually contentious left-right debate in America. True, we will occasionally weigh in on politically sensitive matters—see here, and here, and here—but, generally, we like to think that we come at these issues from a perspective that is free from the bonds of strict adherence to any one political party or agenda.

That being said, this particular SOFREP writer believes that it would be foolish to stay completely out of the coming 2016 U.S. presidential race, especially as it concerns military, national security, and veterans issues. These topics are simply far too important for us to remain on the sidelines and not weigh in on them. We’d even like to shape the debate, if we can. National security should, and will, play a leading role in the coming election.

I hope that I can speak for all of the SOFREP contributors when I say that we, collectively, believe we have a contribution to make to the debate, and a perspective that is worth sharing when it comes to issues related to America’s special operations and intelligence communities, and her national security at large.

Along these lines, I have taken the liberty of drafting the below 10 questions (not necessarily in order of importance) as a SOFREP checkpoint of sorts, through which candidates should pass on the road to the White House. It would behoove all of us here at SOFREP (both readers and writers) to hear from all of the candidates for the U.S. presidency with regards to the below issues. These are questions which I believe cannot be ignored, and it is critical for us to hear from all of those who would aspire to be the U.S. commander-in-chief on these topics.