In light of the upcoming Sochi 2014 Winter Games in Russia this February, SOFREP will be doing a multi-part series on the status of Russian security efforts for the Olympics.  In the seven years Russia has had to prepare Sochi for the Olympics, security has been a critical and constant focus of Russian efforts.  President Vladimir Putin has staked his reputation on the security of Sochi, and has spent almost 50 billion dollars working to prepare Russia for the games.


Sochi and the neighboring Caucasus, courtesy of BBC







However, these efforts continue to be an uphill struggle for Russian security forces, highlighted by recent reporting of suicide bombings at a train station December 29 and a trolleybus bombing December 30 in Volgograd, Russia, the second and third suicide bombings in the city in just two months.  In preparation for the games, Russia must not only secure Sochi itself, but the surrounding area, its borders, and the active insurgency in Russia’s infamous Caucasus region.

Greater Sochi area, courtesy of WikiTravel

SOFREP will be providing situation updates on Sochi in addition to historical analysis, other significant reporting, and basic profiles on known threats operating in the region.  As Russia prepares for the games, SOFREP will prepare its readers for everything they need to know as the games draw nearer.

The way ahead:

  • Sochi security profile and status of security efforts
  • Creation of Operations Group Sochi and the deployment of the Spetsnaz to support Sochi
  • Historical analysis and overview of previous Islamist activity and suicide bombings in Russia
  • Quick look profile of Chechen Islamist militant Doku Umarov
  • Any prevalent Sochi situation updates

Thanks for listening.