ExxonMobil has said that it is “shocked” by the murder of one of their executives, Nicholas Mockford, who was gunned down as he and his wife left a restaurant in Brussels, Belgium on October 14th. The British Newspaper, the Daily Mail, is reporting it appeared to be an “assassination-type” killing, as Mockford was shot three times, with two bullets in his back and one in his head. AP news is reporting 4 shots. There have been no arrests.

Mockford was shot in a tactical-syle killing that almost never happens in real life. A shocked relative said,  “He was shot so calmly and so quickly, it smacks horribly of a professional hit, but we can’t fathom why. He isn’t the type to cave in to blackmail and it just doesn’t compute.”

The murder occurred almost two weeks ago, but has only now been picked up by the international press. This is due to the Belgian police imposing a news blackout, which, apparently and completely idiotically, is not unusual on the continent.

This could well be a simple robbery gone bad. But I do have some questions: