Well, Rowan Scarborough is out with an article about Delta Force in the Washington Times today.  Stick with me here and we’ll walk through it piece by piece.

“As Navy SEALs bask in the limelight for daring missions, some in the Army are wondering whether the other half of the nation’s counter-terrorism covert warriors – Delta Force – is being upstaged and left in the shadows.”

Not really.  I know a couple guys in Army Special Operations who were kind of heated over the whole UBL raid which is really just some understandable professional jealously.  I know a lot more people who thought “Act of Valor” was laughable and wonder why the SEALs subject themselves to these types of things.

I don’t know anyone who wishes that Delta Force was getting more publicity – they are supposed to be in the shadows.

“‘All I’ve heard and observed is that he [McRaven] is obviously pro-SEAL and that explains why Delta has been sidelined,’ said a retired Army Green Beret who still conducts special operations as a government contractor.”

I suspect that there is some truth to the rumor that Admiral McRaven favors the home team.  But the retired Green Beret should also acknowledge the very incestuous relationships up at Special Forces Command, particularly how Sergeant Majors have been giving their buddies jobs based on friendships rather than merit, going on for many years now.  They don’t call it the Sergeant Major Mafia for nothing…

Meanwhile, Delta has not been sidelined.  You just don’t hear about their operations.

“SEAL Team 6 has won heaps of public praise since dispatching the world’s most wanted terrorist in May 2011. Months later, real SEALs starred in an action movie, ‘Act of Valor.’ Later this year, Hollywood will release another SEAL-related film on the hunt for bin Laden.”