Occasionally I’ll read something that will just make me pause and say “WTF, over”. Today was one of those days, thanks to Linda Robinson and her weak Congressional testimony.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Special Operations is the new conventional force in the 21st Century. The entire DOD organization has shifted towards a Special Operations centric model.

This brings both good, bad and ugly to US SOCOM.

  • The Good: increased funding and special programs.
  • The Bad: political piggy backing on the community and installing “oversight” committees that put too much weight on the branches of the Spec Ops decision tree.
  • The Ugly: ugly career politicians jockeying for power

Washington’s Special Operations power grab is no surprise to me. The ugly career politicians are jockeying for power and influence over SOCOM. It’s what career politicians do. They trade favors to stay in power (when they’re not voting themselves another raise). They do this by exerting control over process and funding.