On Thursday various sources reported that a Russian-built Mi-17 helicopter was brought down by hostile fire in the Behsud district of Wardak east of the city of Jalalabad in Afghanistan. Reports state that the four crew members and five soldiers on board were killed. Initial reports stated that the helicopter was from the SOF 777 Special Mission Wing of the Afghan Air Force and was one of four helicopters resupplying Afghan troops in the Behsud area.

As can be seen in the video here, the helicopter is just leaving the ground from a walled compound (in a country almost entirely comprised of walled compounds) and an object appears to fall from it and is retrieved by troops on the ground. As it begins to gain altitude a missile can be seen coming from above it and to the left and strike its rotor hub. The blast sends the parts of several of the rotor blades flying and the tail boom collapses. What appears to be the rocket part of the missile can be seen continuing to travel past the helicopter from left to right and out of the frame.

The Afghan military attributed the attack to militia forces under the command of  Abdul Ghani Alipur Alipour, who is also known as “Commander Sword.” His militia is comprised of Shi’ite Hazara, a minority tribe in Afghanistan. The Hazara are looked down upon by the mostly Sunni Pashtuns in the country.