In the videos below, you can see the aftermath of the deadly truck attack on the Christmas market in Berlin. Police, fire, and EMS can be seen taking care of the victims as well as investigating the scene. Berlin Police stated 12 people were killed and 48 injured in the deadly truck attack.

Direction of the deadly truck attack. Image courtesy of the New York Times

According to Berlin Police, the truck involved in the attack might have been stolen from a Polish construction company, Ariel Żurawski. The dead passenger inside the truck could be the Ariel Żurawski transport company driver. Police confirmed the passenger was a Polish citizen but have not released the name yet.

The Polish company that owns the truck has said its driver is missing. Its transport manager, Lukasz Wasik, told AFP news agency that the driver is 37 years old and had been transporting Thyssen steel products from Italy to Berlin.”

The company where he was supposed to unload the products in Berlin was not able to receive them and told him to return on Tuesday morning. They told him to wait in Berlin somewhere.”

We lost contact with him around 3pm local time [2pm GMT]. We don’t know what happened – whether he was taken hostage, killed. We know nothing. We’re very worried about him. What a tragedy.”- The Guardian

Pakistani man was arrested near the market. Police have not confirmed if he was the driver and stated they would release more information on the suspect tomorrow at 1 p.m. local time. More to follow.