It’s no secret that the United States and a number of other military powers around the world are already hard at work implementing uses for robotics on the battlefield.  Drones have revolutionized a number of combat operations, and firms like DARPA have been hard at work on autonomous land-based combat support equipment for years.  The U.S. military is also developing exo-skeleton technology intended to enhance the human warfighter’s capability to cover terrain, withstand punishment, and carry extremely heavy loads.

Because the modern trend toward autonomous war fighters likely won’t result in a complete removal of human beings from the battle space, it seems logical then than the decades to come will see a rapid progression of technology intended to be worn by America’s war fighters, intended to keep them safe, increase their combat capabilities, and of course, keep pace with the terminator-like machines we may soon see littering the battlefield.  It seems possible then, that the mech-suits of science fiction may eventually, in some shape, become a reality.