If you invented a product you would probably go out of your way to show that it works, but would you do this?… The CEO of Nutshellz, a level II ballistic groin protector, puts his product to the test and allows his business partner to shoot him in the groin while wearing the product.


The L2 Nushellz® Cup is the strongest protection on the market because it uses a combination of Kevlar®, carbon fiber and Dyneema®, a product stronger than Kevlar®. This high-end groin protector is bulletproof but its design has also gained it the title of the most comfortable cup. Nutshellz® doesn’t compromise mobility so it is perfect to use during combat. Serve your country proudly and confidently, Nutshellz® is here for you.- Nutshellz website

I found a review of this product and the results were different from the video above. Many times in the trial, the bullets grazed the kevlar shell and actually went into other parts of the body like the abdomen or thighs of the mannequin. Though the review was not very scientific, real life isn’t either. It would be interesting to see how this device would hold up to fragmentation from IEDs. Junctional bleeding from gun shot wounds to the pelvis can pose a serious threat to military and law enforcement because it can be difficult to stop the bleeding and requires aggressive compression and wound packing. Devices such as the Combat Ready Clamp have been designed to treat this specific type of injury. If the wound is too high in the pelvis, an aortic abdominal tourniquet can be used as it will cut off all blood flow from the navel down. It is encouraging though that a company like Nutshellz is making progress in providing protection for military and law enforcement. Even though I am not a dude, the video still makes me cringe.

Image is from the movie ‘Super Troopers’