In front of the General Staff headquarters of the Turkish Armed Forces in Ankara; the Turkish military opened fire on protesters, killing dozens.

The Ankara prosecutor’s office is reporting forty-two dead, mostly civilians from downtown Ankara. Additionally, shaky details are suggesting as many as ninety civilians have been killed and 1,154 injured throughout Turkey – all by nervous Turkish military personnel.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Armed Forces, via the General Staff headquarters has stated,

The constitutional order, democracy, human rights and freedoms and plant supplied again; The judge again made the rule of law in the country; the re-establishment of the deteriorating public security order; purpose of the administration of the country was completely confiscated.

All international agreements and our commitment remains valid. with all countries of the world, we hope to continue our good relations. – Chief of Staff

Istanbul’s Taksim Square was buzzed by fighter jets to disburse protestors. Turkish police fired at the aircraft with small arms, to no avail. Reports of police clashing with soldiers in Ankara and Istanbul are increasing, as martial law measures continue to reckless target innocent civilians and police.

Attack helicopters have been used on ground targets by rebels and loyalist forces . . . Just as well, attack helicopters have been used on protesting civilians, as seen in these videos.

Turkey is officially trying to put the coup to rest, and the loyalists are calling a victory.

Umit Dündar has been named the interim Chief of Military Staff, by Prime Minister Binali Yildirim. Albeit, there is still no word on his predecessor, General Hulusi Akar. Turkish President Erdoğan has shrugged off General Akar, who was taken hostage by rebel Turkish Army forces when the coup was initially launched. Although, the rebels are not done and have released a simple statement,

We are determinedly still fighting.

Turkish Army Forces are continuing to “Coup”. We will take down people or any forces who tries to resist to us. Please stay in your home for your Health and safety. Regards to the public – Turkish Army Forces.

Judging how loyalist Turkish forces are treating civilians, it would appear that surrender would be a foolish course of action. As for those rebels who have surrendered. Unconfirmed reports suggest that Rebels that were captured on the Bosphorus Bridge, have been thrown from the bridge by Loyalists forces.

According to the Turkish Justice Ministry, 1,374 rebel Turkish Soldiers have been taken into custody. The Justice Ministry has yet to provide any public statements regarding the use of lethal force, and attack helicopters on civilians.