In a tangible moment of abhorrence, disbelief, and clarity, a CNN anchor’s attempt to quash a “rumor” from being spread on her show has resulted in an on-air gem that’s since gone viral. Brooke Baldwin simply couldn’t believe that Hillary Clinton would have ordered an aide to destroy a phone laden with sensitive material via death by hammer. And when she heard the words spoken by a Trump supporter on her show, she felt confident enough to interrupt him, and get an immediate fact-check. Whoops. The reporter, Evan Perez, didn’t even flinch. Yeah, she did, Brooke. Is it that unbelievable? She also publicly, and ever so flippantly, asked if you wipe a server “like, with a cloth?

Read the article about the back and forth here, via the Daily Caller. There’s also links to some other stuff you won’t see on the news, like the fact that she thought the “C” in her emails denoting a classification (confidential in this case) stood for some random alphabetical order of paragraphs.

Also, according to the Daily Caller:

The FBI’s notes also reveal that Hillary didn’t care about the difference between different classification levels, and may not even have understood them.

“When asked of her knowledge regarding Top Secret, Secret, and Confidential classification levels of U.S. government information, CLINTON responded that she did not pay attention to the ‘level’ of classified information and took all classified information seriously.”

Didn’t know or care about different levels of classified info? Isn’t winning the presidency of the United States widely considered to be an upgrade from Secretary of State? Am I missing something here?