The NYPD has released dramatic body camera footage of an officer-involved shooting that took place in New York City on October 22nd.

Two police officers were dispatched to a sixth-floor apartment on West 143d Street in Hamilton Heights after receiving reports of a suicidal man inside.  The video, which was released earlier this week, shows the perspective of Officer Alvin Pizarro, an eleven-year veteran of the force, and the officer that discharged his weapon.  In the footage, you can also see Officer Gino Guerra, a rookie officer who was accompanying Pizarro for field training, as the two men knock on the door of 27-year-old Paris Cummings.

The footage shows the two officers approach the door and confirm they’ve found the address in question.  As the door opens, Pizarro first asks, “How you doing?” before seeing the knife in Cummings’ hand.

Cummings, who initially walks away from the door then turns and begins closing with the officers, brandishing the weapon in a threatening manner.  The officers back away, issuing clear verbal commands to Cummings to “put the knife down.”  As Cummings continues to pursue the officers, Pizarro draws his weapon and fires a single round, striking Cummings in the leg and ending his approach.  The video then cuts to black.