Surveillance footage of an attempted suicide car bomb attack on an Egyptian armored convoy and civilians in the Sinai shows a dramatic scene after an Egyptian army tank intercepted and crushed the jihadists before they could detonate on their intended target.

The Egyptian military reported the incident on their Facebook page, showing a video, which clearly shows the entire scene unfold. After rapidly approaching a number of Egyptian military armored vehicles, a vehicle reportedly carrying four armed men came to a halt. Recognizing the threat, civilians begin to flee, while the quick-thinking tank crew, realizing they are likely dealing with a suicide bomb, throw the tank into action.

Almost immediately, they engage the vehicle by running it over, at least partially crushing the vehicle and the terrorists inside. Shortly after being crushed, the vehicle is torn apart in a massive explosion, later identified by the Egyptian military as likely containing over 100 kilograms of explosive. Despite having some warning, three men, two women, and two children were killed in the blast. Watch the video below: