As the debate rages on within the United States about female service members joining the fight in direct combat roles, in nations like Syria, women are embroiled not only in a fight against perception, but against an ideology that would see them enslaved.

The People’s Protection Units, commonly referred to as YPG, are primarily Kurdish militia members taking the fight to the Islamic State in nations like Syria.  The group has seen recruits hailing from a number of other nations, including those coming from Arab States and the West hoping to aid in the fight against Islamist Extremism.  In some circles, the YPG have been considered among the most effective forces in the fight against the Islamic State in Syria, despite their limited military equipment or armored assets.

In this footage, uploaded to Facebook by the Veteran oriented page Funker530, you can see female YPG fighters conducting combat operations, as these all-female units take the fight to the terrorist organization first hand – which means that much more when you understand that, to the members of the Islamic State, being killed by a woman guarantees eternal damnation.

Image courtesy of Facebook