Last December, footage emerged of an AH-64 Apache helicopter being engaged by surface to air missiles over Yemen, breaking apart and falling to the ground. Reportedly both pilots were killed.

Regional news outlets have been calling the Apache a Saudi aircraft; but it is just as feasible that it could have belonged to the United Arab Emirates, as both of the allies maintain AH-64s in their military arsenals and are engaged in the fighting over Yemen. The Apache was apparently shot down near the border between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, however, adding credence to the assertions that the downed chopper was indeed Saudi.

In this video, you can see the Apache take a hit, from a surface to air missile, in its tail section. The tail is then separated from the aircraft, which causes it to plummet to the ground.

Reports of the downed Apache come the same weekend as Houthi claims of shooting down a Wing Loong UAV, a Chinese-built military drone that was previously known as Chengdu Pterodactyl I. These armed drones are built for long-duration loiter operations. They can clock approximately 20 hours of flight time without refuelling and have an operational range of nearly 2,500 miles per flight. They are capable of carrying up to 12 air-to-surface missiles