The first episode of “American Grit” premiered last week on Fox. Nick Irving, a longtime SOFREP and Loadout Room contributor, is representing the Army Rangers as a member of the “Cadre” as he coaches and mentors his four-person team through some physically and mentally tough military-style challenges. Nick’s leadership style is shaped from the experience he gained while serving in the Ranger Regiment as a sniper. Nick’s ability to build up his team by highlighting their strengths has been outstanding so far.

I asked Nick about having to choose one of his team members for the “circus” (which is the endurance portion for the three teams that do not win the challenge) and here is what he had to say:

“It’s always hard picking the team members.  The Cadre never now what the circus endurance portion will be until the day we show up, let alone who the others are picking. I picked Jim based off his experiences alone and his age.  I figured that he had the mental stamina to go up against the best.  The second episode that airs tonight would have to be one of my top 3 hardest decisions I’ve had to make. I think that tonight’s episode will shock all viewers! It’s brutal and to be honest, I know a lot of guys that I served with would have a hard time with this one!

The episodes grow in intensity week by week.  Tonight will shock some, be uncomfortable for some, and show what American Grit is all about!”

If you missed the first episode, you can watch it HERE.

Episode 2 will air tonight on Fox.

If you want to learn more about Nick Irving, check out his book  “The Reaper” and his new book titled “The Way of the Reaper” in August, 2016. His new book can be pre-ordered on Amazon now.