Brandon Webb, former Navy SEAL and CEO of Force 12 media, was recently interviewed on his experience during the chaotic scene at JFK airport.  During the interview, Brandon describes how unorganized and confusing the scene was after an active shooter was reported to have fired several shots in or near a terminal. According to the interview, U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer has requested an investigation into the response by the Port Authority Police.

“They admit that it was one huge mess,” Schumer said. “They admit that things need change and they’re going to get back to us with specifics.”

When told of former Port Authority officer Honig’s assessment that police did everything by the book, Schumer responded, “Well, let me say, if this went exactly by the book, they better change the book.”-NBC 4 New York

You can read a full account of his experience here as well as an evaluation of airport safety here.

Image courtesy of Twitter @ThisIsZackYoung