When it comes to your EDC, or Everyday Carry gear, everyone is a little different. The gear you decide to strap onto your belt each day should be based on a number of variables ranging from the types of threats you anticipate running across, to the level of training you have to deal with in different situations. For many, their EDC will also change over time based on new equipment  breaking in, new concerns about the environment, or a shift in defensive strategy.

Whether you’ve got a tried-and-true EDC loadout you swear by, you’re thinking about changing up your setup, or you’re entirely new to the concept, it always pays to hear the perspectives of folks with real operational experience to pull from.

That’s why videos like this one from Vigilance Elite always seem to find their way into my digital consumption habits. Sean Ryan served with SEAL Teams 2 and 8, deploying to both Iraq and Afghanistan before transitioning off of active duty and contracting with the CIA. In total, Ryan has something like 20 deployments under his belt, so while his EDC needs may be different than yours, there’s a real value in hearing him relate his experiences and how they inform his gear choices.