Are you focused on the problems or the solutions? In the SEALs, we can’t afford to think about all the bad stuff that’s going to happen. Bad shit always happens. That’s life. It’s what you’re going to do about it that counts.

We’ve all been in the room at school or work with that one person or two, the downer(s) of the bunch. They can’t wait to tell you why something will fail or not work.

I feel sorry for those people. They are destined to live miserable f’ng lives. But, we can all change if we want it bad enough. And if 2020 isn’t a good enough reason to make some changes, then it is best if you buy that cabin and head in the woods by yourself after all.

The rest of us, myself included, need to remind ourselves to focus on the solutions to our goals based on the cards we are dealt with. I will talk about purpose and strategy soon because this is massively important in life.

Blue pill or red pill?

A solution-focused mindset is everything.

Enjoy the video below and please share it with someone who needs a hand up on this stuff.