As years worth of dash-cam footage uploaded to YouTube has shown, Russian roadways are often the scene of some pretty unusual things. From weaponized road rage to low-flying military aircraft, having a camera handy in the former Soviet Union is seen by many as a requisite for day-to-day travel, due in large part to rampant corruption throughout Russian law enforcement and local governments.

With so much crazy footage finding its way out of Russian roads, it takes something incredibly unusual to get the internet’s interest these days. Something like…a massive nuclear weapon getting stuck in traffic outside the Russian capital, for instance.

Of course, it’s possible that there isn’t a nuclear weapon stored inside that erector-launcher intended for Russia’s RS-24 nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile, but it’s just as possible there is. Such is the nature of Russian roads.

The day after images began to surface of Moscow’s nuke-laden traffic, another incident–this time in Kursk–hit the web by way of Twitter. These posts, first published by Tyler Rogoway at The War Zone, show dash-cam footage of a Russian soldier aboard a BTR-80 armored vehicle apparently telling the civilian car behind him to back up. When the civilian vehicle doesn’t oblige, the BTR-80 simply backs straight into the vehicle, crushing the hood and doing significant damage to the front end.