Navy SEALs are often thought of as amphibious warfighters, rising from the depths of the sea to engage opponents, but America’s most well-known special operations war fighters need to be experts in far more than just swimming and shooting.  Even the name SEAL, while garnering aquatic imagery, is actually a shortened description of where our elite operators fight: Sea, Air, and Land.

Despite their trade calling for the ability to operate in any environment, some SEALs do find themselves taking to certain tasks better than others.  Some, like SOFREP’s own Brandon Webb, hone these specialties until they become instructors themselves, training the next group of incoming SEALs in how best to hone their own expertise.  Others, like the Navy SEAL Leap Frog team, demonstrate the abilities they’ve gained in the service of their country in large public forums, showing the American people just what it is these men are capable of… and as this video shows, they’re capable of some incredible things.

In the video below, watch members of the Navy’s Elite SEAL Leap Frog team dive out of a military transport aircraft and parachute down into Neyland Stadium as a part of Knoxville, Tennessee’s 2016 Navy Week celebrations.


Image courtesy of YouTube