A firefighter in South Korea is part of an effort to save this woman’s life as she teeters on the railing, contemplating whether or not to jump and end her life. His solution may be a little unorthodox, but it’s hard to fault the guy for saving a woman’s life.


While suicide is a widespread problem across the world, many people think of Japan as having the highest number of suicides in Asia. While statistics and rankings here often change year by year, South Korea has been higher on the list than Japan when it comes to suicides, especially among women. Historically, South Korea comes out at the second worst country for suicides, though in 2015 it went down to number 10, most likely due to a concerted effort to reduce suicides in 2014 by the South Korean government.

Unlike this video, suicide among the elderly is actually quite common in South Korea, largely due to the fact that over half of the nation’s elderly live under the poverty line. Add hunger and inaccessibility to basic needs, on top of being a financial burden to their family — suicide is often their choice of a “solution.”