Meet the YPJ Kurdish female fighters in Syria. They all fight for different reasons but are united in their fight against ISIS. These women would rather fight than be taken as slaves by ISIS. Superstition is on the side of the YPJ because ISIS believes that if they are killed by a woman, then they will go to Hell.

The YPJ also fight for their freedom as women, and are stretching the boundaries of women’s rights within their communities. Joining the YPJ instead of becoming a housewife is a revolution in itself. The YPJ gives young girls and women opportunities to see that they are valuable and have the potential to exceed beyond their station in life.

The documentary takes you through their 30 days of basic training before being shipped off to different camps to join in the active fighting. Even with very little training, they fight because they know what is at stake if they lose the war against ISIS. When they parted ways to leave for their new camps, they chanted,”Woman, life, freedom!”

(This is a longer documentary—approximately one hour.)


Youtube video courtesy of RT

Featured image courtesy of Asia Times