Last week, an unidentified man in a small Northern Russian town stole an Armored Personnel Carrier and drove it through the wall of a local shop just to steal a cheap bottle of wine.

According to reports from the region, the armored personnel carrier was stolen from the grounds of a privately owned training facility near the small town of Apatity, located just south of the Arctic Circle and close to Russia’s border with Finland. Once the suspect stole the vehicle, he drove it back into town, though it seems he chose to drive it through a forest rather than sticking to the snow-covered streets in the area.

Once he was back in town, the suspect drove the armored vehicle directly through the front of a local convenience store. He was then seen by witnesses climbing back out of the APC, inspecting the damage, and then casually strolling inside to grab a single bottle of wine, before climbing back in and crashing into another vehicle as he attempted to escape.

The man was later arrested by police, though the charges listed in local media outlets seemed to include possession of stolen property (the bottle of wine) and did not seem to address the stolen military vehicle he left behind as he made his not-particularly hasty escape.

“Basically some guy stole an armored vehicle… and went into a shop to top up his stocks in the morning,” a local resident said along with pictures of the incident they uploaded to social media.

Despite the spectacle, most local residents didn’t seem particularly disturbed by the drunken man’s escapades, though local news outlets did specify that the convenience store was family owned, and it is unclear whether or not insurance will cover the cost of repairs to the building.

In this video taken by a bystander in a nearby building, you can watch the suspect climb out of the stolen personnel carrier’s hatch before disappearing inside.  He then exits the building, climbs back into the vehicle and backs it directly into a nearby parked car.

You can watch some witnesses causally mill about as the suspect attempts to flee with his ill-gotten bottle of wine in the video below: