The Russian RBK-500 SPBE-D Sensor-Fuzed Anti-Tank Weapon, a bomb that carries fifteen submunitions that seek out vehicles, guide themselves over the target, then fire a copper penetrator, shaped-style charge, or explosively formed projectile, or EFP, into the target. A Cold War era weapon designed to take out armor formations.

The bomblets deploy from the casing of the main bomb in-flight and float down on small parachutes. Their sensors scan for irregular shapes and thermal images of engines in tanks and vehicles,  or any other heat signature –  for the acquired target and fires the copper slug through it. The Russian RBK-500 often targets things like cars, landed aircraft, oddly shaped artillery pieces like the M777, and just about anything else from donkeys to people on bicycles.

Trying to think like a Russian, the Russians could simply be expending soon-to-expire or expired munition stockpiles. Russia has released a large amount of like munitions to Assad and to Russain Federation forces and alliances within Syria. Russian aligned forces in Syria, as well as Ukraine, have been trigger happy-crazy with GRAD, MLRS, URAGAN, and SMERCH missile barrages that absolutely devastated square kilometers.

Well, it is a war crime?

They are, for countries who signed the Convention on Cluster Munitions Treaty.

Russia isn’t one of those countries.

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