NEWSREP recently reported on a patent filed by Russian arms manufacturer Almaz-Antey in 2018 for what appeared to be a drone built around an AK-47 platform. The patent was first brought to much of the world’s attention thanks to a tweet from defense journalist Steve Trimble.

After examining the images that accompanied the patent, it did indeed appear the drone was built around housing the functional portion of an AK-style rifle, though, it’s important to note, the platform was not built for a 7.62x39mm rifle as we stated. An informed Twitter user by the name of Isaac Lancaster first brought it to our attention that the drone was built to carry an AK-style, semiautomatic shotgun (a Vepr-12), and new footage of the drone in action confirms his assertion.

As we assumed from the images, the two bulbs sticking out of the large stabilizing fins house electric motors with props that were not shown in the patent. In the video, the drone can be seen taking off vertically before switching to horizontal flight and engaging different targets.

If you watch the whole video, you’ll first see the drone successfully shoot down a balloon followed by a three-minute dogfight with a slow-moving hobby-style remote control airplane. The shotgun-drone makes a number of passes, missing the hobby plane with repeated shots, before finally (apparently) hitting it during a split-second the camera is out of focus. You’re left to assume the hobby plane was hit as it spirals to the ground.

Other footage of the system has also surfaced online, including a video of a man firing the shotgun housed inside the drone, showing the weapon’s recoil is significant and making the drone’s ability to manage the gunfire fairly impressive.