Former Marine Raider Nick Koumalatsos invited SOFREP writer Nick Coffman to discuss the recent announcement that the MARSOC 7 have been publicly exonerated after more than a decade of misinformation by the media. Koumalatsos has very close ties to the men of Fox Company, as he served side by side with them at various points in his Marine Corps career.  He discusses the impact that the lies had on his brothers and the after-effects they had to deal with as a result of the Department of Defense’s lack of effort in properly clearing those men from wrongdoing in the public eye.

While this recent announcement is a step in the right direction by the Marine Corps, there is still more to be done.  Congressman Walter Jones (North Carolina) plans to keep fighting on behalf on the MARSOC 7, with next steps including a request for the Commandant to hold a public ceremony to present those men with the Raider insignia that they have most certainly earned – but technically do not rate at this time.  Finally, Congressman Jones continues to gather bipartisan support for House Resolution 21 (H.Res.21) which will be a way for congress to officially exonerate these men.  Koumalatsos and Nick Coffman discuss possible motives for the Marine Corps’ surprising reluctance to go above and beyond to fight for their Marines in this case and what citizens can do to encourage their state representatives to support measures to correct the injustices done against these pioneering Raiders.

SOFREP has covered this story extensively over the past few years. You can read the full series here: