The use of unmanned aerial vehicles has becomes commonplace on the battlefields of today. But more often than not, the types of drones seeing widespread use in combat are of the high-flying, reconnaissance or air-strike launching variety. However, multiple programs all around the world have begun surfacing in recent months with the aim of using small, armed, quad-copter style drones in direct support of ground troops. These “infantry-bots” still fly to get around, but place a large emphasis on a close-quarters-battle (CQB) style of engaging enemy combatants, rather than relying on missiles launched from high above.

China already unveiled their “infantry drone” that would hover through city streets like a Terminator-style creation. Now Turkey’s own Asisguard has unveiled their own version of an armed, personnel support drone that couples the traditional quad-copter design with a machine gun and 200 rounds of ammunition.

Okay, so we can all agree that this demonstration video may include a rather unrealistic (and non-dynamic) depiction of how combat operations might unfold in such an environment — don’t you appreciate it when the terrorists accidentally detonate the IED 200 yards ahead of you and then wait patiently for you to kill them? But once you get past nit-picking the video itself, you may notice that the drone is demonstrating a pretty impressive degree of recoil management while firing its weapon in 15-round bursts.