In the name of whatever you people hold as holy, stop throwing around the word MANPADS. The word has left its technical description, and has simply become a finger-point against America. It’s a lazy acronym.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, Turkey, and Syria; the bulk of weapon systems deployed are based on Russian design platforms.

The guided missile fired by the PKK in the video – an old SA-16. Image courtesy of NAVEODTECHDIV Ordnance Identification Guide.


The guided missile fired by the Communist PKK Guerilla fighter in the video is an old Russian SA-16 Guided Missile, Surface to Air (SAM,)  or MANPADS if you’re a hipster, or if your parents are siblings. The SA missile system is something the PKK acquired through their own Communist networks and arms dealers – you know where they get all of those AK’s, PKMs, RPGs and other Russian-based weapon systems.

The United States does not produce an SA series guided missile system – blame a Warsaw Pact nation on this one.

The SA-16 Gimlet or 9K310 IGLA-1 is an air defense missile system with a solid propellant guided missile.