In the name of whatever you people hold as holy, stop throwing around the word MANPADS. The word has left its technical description, and has simply become a finger-point against America. It’s a lazy acronym.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, Turkey, and Syria; the bulk of weapon systems deployed are based on Russian design platforms.

The guided missile fired by the PKK in the video – an old SA-16. Image courtesy of NAVEODTECHDIV Ordnance Identification Guide.


The guided missile fired by the Communist PKK Guerilla fighter in the video is an old Russian SA-16 Guided Missile, Surface to Air (SAM,)  or MANPADS if you’re a hipster, or if your parents are siblings. The SA missile system is something the PKK acquired through their own Communist networks and arms dealers – you know where they get all of those AK’s, PKMs, RPGs and other Russian-based weapon systems.


The United States does not produce an SA series guided missile system – blame a Warsaw Pact nation on this one.

The SA-16 Gimlet or 9K310 IGLA-1 is an air defense missile system with a solid propellant guided missile.

The SA-16 Gimlet, and the 9M313 missile were devloped for and first used by the Soviet, now Russian Army in March of 1981 – and have remained in continous service. The SA-16 is also used by: Angola, Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cuba, Ecuador, Finland, Georgia, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar, North Korea, Peru, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Syria, Ukraine, Bosnia & Herzegovina, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam.


U.S. FIM-92 Stinger. Image courtesy of NAVEODTECHDIV Ordnance Identification Guide.


The Free Syrian Army (FSA) and other select Syrian Rebels were Armed with the American FIM 92 Stinger and allegedly a few FIM-43 Redeye – Man Portable Surface to Air Missile System or MANPADS . . . A terrible acronym. It sounds like a tampon for men. Just call the damned things what they are, and if you don’t know – maybe don’t go popping off at the mouth about it – I’m talking to you mainstream media. Damn, do some research or at least task an intern to do it for your lazy-ass.


U.S. FIM-43. Image courtesy of NAVEODTECHDIV Ordnance Identification Guide.


Another rocket system which has been provided by the U.S. is the BGM-71 TOW or Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided; anti-tank guided missile (ATGM). Check it out hooked on phonics – what about that missile system description says “Surface to Air Missile System.” Absolutely nothing; it is not an “MANPADS” or whatever other misguided terminology you people in the mainstream media pass around to terrify and outrage the public.

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This is a TOW Missile, deployed by an  FSA fighter – it’s used against ground targets. Clearly not a Surface to Air weapons system. Image Courtesy of YouTube.

Now that we’ve cleared up some of the technical points – we can return to the video. The Communist Guerilla Force known as the PKK or Kurdistan Workers’ Party (Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê,) is not a direct representation of Kurdistan, the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG), or the Kurdish people. The PKK is an antiquated mountain-based Communist cult centered around their leader who is imprisoned in Turkey, Abdullah Öcalan. Öcalan and the PKK are staunch Communists who have only their own fantasies of a worker’s paradise and not the best interests of the region nor Kurdistan in mind.

Albeit, the PKK is a much more reasonable ally than – Al Nusra, who is being groomed as a potential ally by the CIA . . . Good god CIA, is being incompetent and misinformed a job requirement for agency employment?  Al Nursa acted under some of the most despicable umbrella terrorist groups: Al Qaeda and Daesh [ISIS/ISIL]. One would think that the CIA would have learned their lesson with UBL – CIA, just go focus on Russia and China, you’re fucking up here – again.

Yet the PKK is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States, European Union, NATO,  Australia, Syria, India, China, Russia, and Turkey. Do we really need and want to work with either of this people – no. There is always another way, the KRG, Jordan, and Israel is really the best and seemingly only logical ways to go amidst the turmoil in that region.

Then there is Turkey, our most awkward ally, and which is teetering on becoming an Ottoman Caliphate. They have some serious problems. So when I learned that the video was a PKK attack on a Turkish AH-1W Super Cobra attack helicopter – it didn’t bother me to publish it or write on it. Anyway, Turkey is claiming that the helicopter crashed due to a technical issue, while the PKK is calling their SA-16, an SA-18 – and both are wrong.


Review the video for yourself, and you’ll note the easiest difference, in what looks like a distinctive black tennis ball on the SA-16 and in the video. Image courtesy of NAVEODTECHDIV Ordnance Identification Guide.



Featured Image and Media – GLZ – PKK