Tewksbury, MA — Francho S. Bradley, 59, and Adrianne D. Jennings, 40, of Frisco, TX, were arrested at the Marriott Residence Inn in Tewksbury on the March 24. Bradley had previously called the police to the room, saying he believed that someone was trying to break in. Upon entry, the police found multiple weapons, attachments and other suspicious items. They arrested the couple, and a search warrant was approved to thoroughly search the entire room. There they found more “weapons, ammunition, large capacity feeding devices, and infernal machines,” according to the local police department.

It is not yet known why Bradley called the police with illegal weapons out in plain view — whether it was a form of turning himself in, a lapse in criminal judgement, or some other unknown reason. The reason behind their stay at the Marriott Residence Inn, and why they were all the way in MA from their homes in TX, has also not been confirmed, and the two have conflicting stories. The investigation is ongoing and has involved not only local police, but the FBI, ATF, State Police and Middlesex District Attorney’s Office as well.

Tewksbury, MA is just 30 minutes north of Boston.

According to the Tewksbury Police Department, the two were charged with: