The navy’s first serial killer? Steel Fear is a work of fiction inspired by true events that took place when I was stationed aboard CVN 72 Abraham Lincoln before I went to SEAL training.

I’m excited to announce that my four-year vision for the novel has taken shape and turned into a new thriller series in collaboration with my writing partner of 10+ years, John Mann. The series will be titled “WEBB & MANN.”

The first book is in the bag. It was sold to Ballatine earlier this year. It was in a multi-bid environment and won me the largest advance I’ve received for a book: proof that content reigns supreme during a pandemic lockdown.

Film and TV series interest came fast after the book series was announced in the trade pubs and John and I are working with our agent at WME to finalize the plans. I am looking forward to soon updating the SOFREP community on the direction the project will take. Meantime, enjoy an excerpt from Chapter 1, available exclusively for the SOFREP community.

STEEL FEAR Chapter 1

Shivers rippled over Monica Halsey’s naked skin as she peered into the steel mirror and splashed water on her face. Monica needed to be on her game tonight. She was close to earning her helicopter aircraft commander qualification, and tonight’s run was a critical step in that process. 

Because Papa Doc was flying with her. 

She shivered again. Lord, why did they keep the AC up so high in this place? She pulled on a red-and-black undershirt — squadron colors — then fished out a tan flight suit, stepped into the legs, pulled up the suit, and slipped her arms into the sleeves.