Blacks Blast Back at Bullies Bashing Bros Black-n-Blue

Gosh-darn it… I can’t help it, but every time I see the letters BLM together my mind first reads Bureau of Land Management and I immediately think: “Uh-oh, those em-effen militias are acting up again! Cliven Bundy is having another stand-off with Federal Agents over cattle grazing rights! Militia… aren’t those a bunch of boys who couldn’t get dates or win their fathers’ approval, got kicked out of the Boy Scouts of America for masturbating in public, and then failed their entry physicals into the Armed Forces? Yeah — that’s them!

Cliven Bundy exiting the courthouse. Clive is known to have anatomically the greatest distance between the top lip and the bridge of the nose of any person on Earth. (Las Vegas Review-Journal.)

Here’s the interesting part: militia and BLM have a hefty parallel; that is, they are both, on a violent level, anti-federal government and anti-law enforcement. The principal difference between the two is that black lives don’t matter squat to the collective militia because they are fundamentally a white supremacist group. Both organizations have a strong undercurrent that conflicts with each organization’s face-value promulgations.

“I shall venture to say that the militia is primarily a white supremacist function that worries about cows in their off-time, and BLM is primarily an anti-white organization that makes noise about equality then guts Tiffany’s of all of it merchandise and sells it on E-Bay.” George Edward Hand IV 15 June 2020