Blacks Blast Back at Bullies Bashing Bros Black-n-Blue

Gosh-darn it… I can’t help it, but every time I see the letters BLM together my mind first reads Bureau of Land Management and I immediately think: “Uh-oh, those em-effen militias are acting up again! Cliven Bundy is having another stand-off with Federal Agents over cattle grazing rights! Militia… aren’t those a bunch of boys who couldn’t get dates or win their fathers’ approval, got kicked out of the Boy Scouts of America for masturbating in public, and then failed their entry physicals into the Armed Forces? Yeah — that’s them!

Cliven Bundy exiting the courthouse. Clive is known to have anatomically the greatest distance between the top lip and the bridge of the nose of any person on Earth. (Las Vegas Review-Journal.)

Here’s the interesting part: militia and BLM have a hefty parallel; that is, they are both, on a violent level, anti-federal government and anti-law enforcement. The principal difference between the two is that black lives don’t matter squat to the collective militia because they are fundamentally a white supremacist group. Both organizations have a strong undercurrent that conflicts with each organization’s face-value promulgations.

“I shall venture to say that the militia is primarily a white supremacist function that worries about cows in their off-time, and BLM is primarily an anti-white organization that makes noise about equality then guts Tiffany’s of all of it merchandise and sells it on E-Bay.” George Edward Hand IV 15 June 2020

You heard that here first — I’m George Edward Hand IV.

I get little (if any) pushback when I describe the whole ANTIFA hoard as a leftist truculent gaggle of hippies and kids with no jobs whose primary source of transportation is skateboards. Someone go find me a standup person in ANTIFA; find me just one. Ready… GO!

“H.K., we need to make one more comb through the corporate customer dossiers and… just a second… Martha, could you please send Ron Davis in as soon as you can? — Thank you! Let’s just wait for Ron to get in and we’ll get started on the review beginning with National Security Technologies dossier. I have to leave a bit early tonight — I have an ANTIFA meeting this evening.”

It’s sooo funny to me and to Candace Owens how the black community will raise their deepest bottom-feeding thugs to the highest level of exaltation — like Jesus Christ, who died to set us all free. They took this Floyd thug and turn him into the next Jesus who “died to make all men equal.” That’s the facade; it turns out the real reason junkie Floyd died was so the community could gut and destroy every nice store on New York City’s 5th avenue — they even sacked Saks!

Raz, the Razzmatazz Spaz of CHAZ ‘n all dat Jazz

Raz Simone, the Spaz of the Chaz got his mind on his money and his money on his mind.

It’s good to be king, even if it’s just a self-proclaimed one for a few days on a block in Seattle. Raz is the king of the block; the de facto supreme warlord of the hood. He’s the Chief of Police, the judge, and the jury, the cock of the six blocks of the hip-hop prefecture known as the CHAZ.

Raz was razzed by the other kids in school because he was a spaz. His grandmother never expected him to amount to anything when he grew up, but she was damned-sure ready to go on camera and swear that he was innocent of any smoking-gun murders he committed during his adult life.

“That baby is innocent! He’s a good boy — he’s innocent!”

The media does that quite a lot. It’s a sneaky little technique they use to vastly sway a support base from one side to another. They get a cameo of the murderer’s grandmother saying her baby is innocent… and it just fucks them all up; they don’t know what to think anymore.

“Your honor, the defense wishes to present exculpatory evidence as exhibit number three. We have an affidavit signed by the defendant’s grandmother, Mrs. Cloitus Jefferson, in which she does solemnly swear that the defendant is innocent.”

Exclusive Interview With an Oregon Militia Insider

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*spirited murmuring and sound of gavel strike* BANG, BANG, BANG!!

“Order! Order! This court will come to order! Bayliff, let me see the document, please.”

*shuffling papers*

“I hereby declare this case a mistrial” BANG!

Yeah, I don’t know why they do that, show grandmothers on the news swearing their kids are innocent. It’s just irritating and it annoys the pig.

Raz the Razzmatazz Spaz of CHAZ likens himself to the late Somali Warlord Muhammad Farrah Aidid who dominated the entire African city of Mogadishu Somalia in 1993, except Raz is a stupid hip-hop wannabe rapper punk who dominates most of six blocks of Seattle, Washington. Raz is actually the default de facto dude as a result of the despotic rule of his predecessor, Freaky-D, who became immediately drunk with power and tried to take illicit carnal liberties with some of the hood’s poon tang.

Raz the Spaz of the CHAZ (L) and his idol the late War Lord Muhammad Farrah Aidid of Mogadishu, Somalia.

Raz the Spaz of the CHAZ’s monarchy is currently at odds with an adjacent fiefdom several blocks distant from that small shrill flute-playing player Sonny “Two-beers” Indelicato. Harsh messages have been passed between the two warring factions to include from Indelicato:

“Ma fangool, mooley — I take-a you land!”

To which Raz promptly capitulated:

“I be fukin’ yo shit up, Ginny bitch!”

When asked how authorities planned to overthrow the de facto fiefdoms of Seattle, the Chief of Police responded:

“We’re just going to wait until the glue-and-booger-eating little bitches get sleepy and go home.

During the wait, Raz mounted an offensive against Sonny’s I-corp holding his front line. Raz mounted a diversionary skirmish line concentrated on Sonny’s left flank, leading to him to reinforce to his west with a Regimental Combat Team (provisional), and an Armored Company (-).

After a two-hour naval bombardment from heavy cruisers moored in Puget Sound, Raz’s 3rd Tank Army (Third Tanks) spearheaded a thrust into the Forward Edge of the Battle Area (FEBA) smashing through Sonny’s Forward Line of Troops (FLOT).

A military Order of Battle map sheet of the June offensive launched by Raz at Sonny’s fiefdom making him one of Seattle’s remaining Feudal Lords.

Sonny desperately reinforced his front line with armored and infantry units held in reserve while his air assets hammered away at the Main Supply Routes (MSR) in Raz’s rear. With supply trains severely degraded and running low on fuel, Sonny “Two-Beers” Indelicato was forced to retire with retrograde maneuvers establishing a defense in depth with no penetration gained. The original FEBA holds fast at the 47th Parallel.

It’s good to be king, even if just for a few days at an intersection in Seattle.

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