Gender Party Principal Perpetrator Pleads to Population to not Persist in Party Play

Ms. Jenna Karvunidis from popular blog HIgh Gloss and Sauce championed the popularity of the frivolous gender reveal party.

It’s really not funny, but it’s just so dang funny! The lady who put the gender reveal party stupidity on the map has appealed to the population to cut out that nonsense! Oddly enough, gender reveal parties have caused some whopping big wildfires in the southwestern U.S. — California and Arizona mainly.

The wildfire in Arizona in 2017 burned a tidy 46,000 acres before being checked. It was a gender reveal party at which the father backed blue powder — it’s a boy! — into a healthy dose of tannerite and then fired a high-velocity bullet at it. A high-velocity round like an AR-15 is needed to detonate tannerite; a low-velocity one like a .45 ACP will not work.

It’s a boy!!

Laying the explosive package out in the middle of a field of grass known as Southwestern Tinder-ensus was the bane of the father’s performance. When that blast initiated it was like Mrs. O’Leary’s cow double-tapped a pair of lanterns toward the crispy hay there in the barn (words to the effect):

“L..let’ get out of here!!”

See the Video Here

That was called the famous Sawmill Fire and the man who started it was liable for eight million dollars in damages. I can imagine his poor son wondering why his dad constantly glared at him with hate his whole life.

The more recent El Dorado fire that burned 8,000 acres in Arizona was also the progeny of a ridiculous and pretentious gender reveal party. Prior to the fire, the couple fired flare-like devices that pumped out a puff of blue or pink powder indicating the gender. Both cretins held their flares backward resulting in the mother shooting herself in the “unborn” and the dip-shit father shooting himself in the Howard Johnson, an event that put him on the ground. Then he tried to pin blame on some other dude claiming that he had handed them the flares backward…