Say Your Goodbyes to the Venerable Scrotum Frog

The venerable scrotum frog in all its glory.


It strikes me as oddly indecorous that an obscure story like this even makes it into the news in today’s world.

“In a coordinated effort, the governments of Bolivia and Peru, with the support of the U.N., have formed a cross-border conservation team to protect the species, which has a body length of up to 8 inches (20cm).”

First of all, this species lives in Lake Titicaca is located in both Peru and Bolivia. Those people are queer with their naming scheme — a scrotum frog that lives in Titicaca. Do you know what Titicaca means in Spanish? It means the same thing that it means in English — titi and caca — I wouldn’t want to go swimming there!

Ah, and America through its U.N. affiliation is part of the powerful joint task force trifecta to look into the matter and get it turned around — we need to send some troops over there! We need to preserve the alliances that we have with Peru and Bolivia out of the mad respect we have for their multiple bluewater carrier groups and their space programs.

I strongly suggest that Trump passes a bill to divert all federal BLM/ANTIFA riot reconstruction funds, as well as all COVID-19 antidote research funds into a fund to restore the livelihood of this nasty frog named after the ball sack of the Howard Johnson.

I’m pretty sure Trump’s staff shook him awake last night at 0300 local D.C. hours when this story broke so they could form a committee to start straw-manning and spitballing schemes of maneuver to attack this conundrum.

“Mr. President, what is your plan, Sir?”

“Well, I don’t know really… it’s a frog; just a frog — and its a nasty frog too quite frankly. Don’t you think it’s rather a nasty creature too? Sending troops doesn’t sound rational to me. A wall, I wanna build a wall; I wanna build a wall between us and that nasty scrotum frog — yuk!”

Crazy Chica Charges Dad, Takes Crack at Clutching Crank

The assailant and her nemesis.

Familial relationships don’t appear to be what they once were. Florida trailer trash chick Dakota DiRienzo attacked her dad, Luigi, for not sharing his medical marijuana with her. She pulled him to the ground and reportedly tried to grab his genitals. She tried to grab them because… because… that’s just it — WTF did she try to do that? Why grab those, and why your own father’s.

I never knew there was anyone on the planet really named Luigi other than the character in that video game — I would beat Luigi’s ass just for having that stupid name! To say this fine American female stock has issues is about six feet under the correct statement. I can tell you that I never even had a verbal or otherwise fight my whole life with any of my three kids. Had I and they went for the P-word… I never would have even reported it just out of shame. I don’t know why the report felt the need to even add that detail in the first place.

What kind of country do we live in where a D-word attacks her F-word and tries to grab his P-word? All I know is we are all going to H-word in a handbasket.

Father catches Man in his 14-year-old Daughters Bedroom; Beats Brother’s Butt Belligerently

Adventure Darwinism – Man nails scrotum to Red Square, then sets the FSB on fire

Read Next: Adventure Darwinism – Man nails scrotum to Red Square, then sets the FSB on fire

I wanted to add this feel-good story to the mix. Yes, the father caught 22-year-old Keywontrezes Humphries (I would also beat his ass just for having that stupid stupid name) in this 14-year-old daughter’s bedroom and beat his deserving ass, knocked out his teeth, and mopped up the floor with him. That is all very good news. The bad news is twofold: First of all, his idiot daughter invited the boyfriend to her room, and secondly, dad grabbed a gun and shot at the turd while he ran away.

Unfortunately, that is crossing the line, and dad was arrested. I think if dad pleads that he was only trying to scare the turd he might get away with discharging a firearm rather than attempted murder. You see how bad this can be for the man. Most of us feel bad for the dad, thinking that most of us fathers might do the same thing were it our daughter. Yes, bad news.

Yet, the good news is that turd-boy, based on chats found on and the 14-year-old’s phones, could very likely be facing criminal charges for participation in a relationship with a minor. Now, IDK about Georgia, but here in New Mexico that carries a 15-year jail sentence — DOH!

This Week’s Karen Report

This week’s Karen is actually two Karen — a Karen and a “Sha-Karen.” It seems, though I’m not positive, that Honkey (H-word) Karen call Shakaren the “N-word” (noodlehead??). It looks like the tiff was over, yet again, the wearing of a mask in public. A spit ensued that ended in a spat. Karen called Shakaren the N-word — nooooot at all acceptable! That prompted Shakaren to approach and beat H-word Karen’s ass; she beat her in the head at least five solid times.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. happened to be shopping in that store, witnessed the account, and was heard to have exclaimed: “DAAA-YAM!!”

(Link to video of Shakaren beating Karen’s ass).

Facts: H-word Karen faces a hate crime charge for her foul mouth; however, that does not excuse N-word Shakaren from beating her ass — total assault charge. Both of those cantankerous hos bought themselves a world of $hite. Plus the N-word Shakaren broke the six-foot separation rule when she beat H-word Karen’s ass. The P-words were called to the scene to investigate the whole hullabaloo.

Oh My Freaking Lord… the Chineez!

“Outside the Louvre in Paris, there’s a sign in Mandarin which tells visitors not to defecate in the surrounding grounds. This sign is only written in Mandarin Chinese. No other nationality, it appears, needs to be reminded where it is and is not appropriate to shit in the vicinity of metropolitan France’s art museums.” (Af Gavin Haynes)

Yeah, this year’s bucket list item has me traveling all the way to the Louvre in France to take a dump on the lawn there — thanks for that, Chineez people. But then there’s the true story of the Chineez woman on an airliner who laid a sheet of newspaper down in the aisle and let her kid take a no-shit dump, stinking up the whole cabin. I blame Delta airlines for failing to post a sign in Mandarin in their airplanes that would state “No Taking a Shite in the Aisle”.

Libtards get upset with me bagging on the Chineez so much and always come to their defense. I’m sure I’ll hear:

“Well, at least she was considerate enough to lay down a sheet of newspaper first!”

“Well, at least it wasn’t during the snack and beverage service!”

Move along, folks — nothing to see here.

I feel quite strongly that the woman would have waved off the snack service because here stomach was already full of a wad of newspaper with a dump in it. If I were on that flight, I would have rubbed that woman’s nose in the poo and smacked her with a rolled-up newspaper and holler: “NO! NO!” You know, about 40,000 years ago Cro-Magnon Man was walking around outside his cave and:

“Oh, for the love of Murgatroyd… who the hell took a freakin’ dump here right outside the freakin’ cave!! Son-of-a-bitch — if you’re going to take a dump this close to the cave, bury the stuff why doncha?!?! Christ, you think we were still residing in the middle Pleistocene!”

America’s history will be just over 240 years old this year; Chiner’s history is over 5,000 years old. They must have glossed over those years where they would have learned not to take dumps in public places where crowds of people are. I wager it would have been ok for me to urinate in her seat while she was up causing Chineez grief somewhere in the plane, like demanding hot water from the galley so she would reconstitute her ramen noodles.

Anyway, please sit back and take in some more of Ice-G’s Gung Ho garments:

This was taken from the title of a Chineez porn movie. This tool thinks it means: “If you love something set it free…”

These bros are looking pretty super-rad hip-hop western legit in their Ice-G garb. Fucking-boy thinks his shirt reads: “Woodstock ’69” — please, none of us ever tell him!

Well here’s a quick cameo appearance from Sri Lanka. Yeah, I believe that’s one of those countries where you can have all of your fingernails pulled off for openly criticizing the government. We’ll find out pretty soon. The guy above probably thinks his shirt says: “Harrison/Ravi Shankar Concert for Bangladesh, August 1971”.

A Chineez had this to say in the comments section of the story about the people who let their kids take dumps in the aisle of Delta flights:

“Why complain so much of us Chinese? We Chinese own 1.3 trillion of your U.S.A. debt so in truth we own you so shut your mouth. Guess what? We Chinese built much of the plane too. I love the smell of good poo on good Chinese.”

Such a gracious people.

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