Advisory: intermittent strong language

Oh, my God… the Chinese!

Muricans have typically made for some crappy tourists in other countries. But sports fans move over and make way for the new Patron Saints of awfully-behaved people visiting other countries — the Chinese! For all of modern history, the Chinese have been hard-driven to be the world leaders in some aspect of life, and I think they made have found their niche in the realm of really truly shitty tourists.

They did it all without huge armies, powerful navies, or air forces. They did it without humongous nuclear arsenals and hypersonic long-range missiles. They did it without lying, cheating, stealing, and copying… they did it by just being their wonderful selves — yeah! Was that so hard, China? I credit Chinese originality (whoops, an oxymoron!) for a number of other far-eastern wonders: