Editors Note: You are about to be subjected to the razor sharp wit and sense of humor of Delta Force’s Geo Hand. He does not pull punches. If you are easily offended, turn back now. If you want to have a good laugh, jump on in and join the party. –GDM

A Note from Geo: Warning: Spirited Adult themes

Weirdos Wailing Away in Waffle House

Waffle House employee gets one of the assailants in a headlock.

Geez… when did the Waffle House get so ghetto? I guess it depends, as anything does, on location, location, location. If this Waffle House were here in Albuquerque it would be located somewhere on East Central — the Strumpet Strip, Prostitute Promenade, Whore’s Haunt, Working Girl’s Galleria, Tramp Track, Harlot Haven.

The executive summary for you all is that three “patrons” planned a dine-n-dash operation that fell apart immediately due to one detail — one of the three candidates for an honorary Albrecht Einstein Award for Mental Excellence left their phone at their table as they skipped out.

They went back in after the phone but an employee had already secured it and was holding it hostage until they paid their bill. That didn’t settle well with the welchers and a brawl ensued behind the counter. The brouhaha delivered plenty as one beauty queen lost her wig immediately, her disgusting breasts flying out of her tank top as she hefted hooks and haymakers.

Another frame of the horrifying event the moment of the udder disaster!

Ponytail boy finally was put in a sleeper headlock while wigged udder girl concluded they all should depart most ricky-tick, as they were in possession of cocaine. The naturally red-headed chick contributed nothing to the brawl but got in everyone’s way and port big mama’s vile rat-like wig. As brawls go, I give it high marks for presentation for all its conducive features: punches, insults, kicks, detached wigs, loose boobs, chokeholds, and red-haired girls getting in the way.