(Caution: frank and spirited adult themes)

Drunk Diva Drunk Dials Department 911 Direct

Katrina Morgan

Citizen-at-large Katrina Morgan got to free-base too many cocktails one night and thought it would be fun for everyone if she called emergency to send over some firemen because her “pu**y” was on fire. The poor reluctant dispatcher had no choice but to act:

“H-hooo-kaaay… I guess we’ll be needing an address then.”

(Listen to the 911 dispatch here)

As soon as Katrina answered the front door the firemen took a step back and advised her:

“Ma’am, we are going to be needing one HELL… of a more compelling reason to come in there…”

The reason Kitty-kat Katrina gave for making the 911 call was that her genitalia was “on fire” and she needed the firemen to put it out. Very clever there, Katrina — we see what you did there. And now she gets slammed with a federal charge for disrupting police services, a $250 fine, and 10 days in the pokey.

Blatant Misbehaving at the Airport

American Unterstock

The first thought that comes to mind when looking at this pair, is probably Fortune 500 CEO/COO… I know that was my first thought. Imagine my shock when I read that they got smashed at a bar, threw away their shoes — because shoes are man’s law, not God’s law — and then tried to board their American Airlines flight.

“No!” said the service personnel at the AA ticket agent, so the big-mouthed battleax biotch attempted to negotiate a compromise by jumping on top of the ticket counter and trying to attack the ticketing agent. They took it outside and got into a confrontation with another traveler and then with a quartet of cops.

This time boy decided to soothe the situation by pulling out his phone and filming the police, demanding their badge numbers, and to speak with their supervisor. In America, as soon as the first inkling of rough water presents itself everyone pulls out their GD phone and starts filming everything. What does that do? What does it even mean?

“Excuse me, can I get by please?”

“Back off mother-phuqr… you wanna piece-a-this? I’m filming you, bitch!”

“Oh yeah? Well, phuq you, mother-phuqr… I’m filming you filming me, bitch!”

Your Weekly News Roundup: the BLM blues, Amsterdam public Loos, new male bathing suit brokini, OMG the Chineez

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Who have we become as a people?

Enna-hoo, as with a massage parlor, this story has a happy ending too (watch it here), in which the couple was swarmed by the police, slammed nicely to the concrete, and made to shut the phuq up! You might recognize the same story in the media as it appeared on CNN:

“Today a couple of Peace Corps workers were detained at the airport for attempting to purchase vegan snacks. Nearly a dozen cops pile-drove the two to the ground and knelt on their necks in an attempt to suffocate both:

‘We can’t breathe… we can’t breathe,’ croaked the pair as cops stuffed socks in their mouths and tazed them repeatedly. Both are being held on federal charges of disrupting police services, fined $250, and will spend 10 days in jail with Katrina Morgan.”

Trump Treated for COVID

Caricature by Donkeyhotey

50,000-Liter Tank of Red Wine in Spain Ruptures and Spills All Contents

That is something you don’t see every day! It is great that the filmer, whoever he was, just happened to be in that perfect spot at the perfect time with a hammer and chisel in his back pocket. Workers at the winery stood around in shock as the owner hollered for them to not just stand there but to do something. The staff immediately dashed into the cafeteria grabbing for packs of Swiss and Gouda cheese.

It should be noted that Spain imports its wine storage tanks from Italy.

Well, I have never been to Spain, but the music there ain’t half bad…

Gucci Curbs toxic Stereotypes that Mold Masculine Gender Identity

Say fellas… what do yooz think of this dress?

And what do yooz think of it now?

Just not with those pants, right? I totally get it. Gucci’s hard at it; trying to make the world a gayer place for you and me. Thanks, Gucci… but how about you leave me and the boys and our toxic masculinity the hell alone. We are comfortable in our toxic masculinity and no longer hide it in a closet. We are proud of it, so proud we feel like getting together for a parade down Central Avenue shouting:


We’ve got Dan Crenshaw lobbying for our cause in Washington. We’re tired of random people driving by and throwing beer bottles at us just because we’re wearing RR’s 5.11 pants, a photo journalist’s vest, Adidas GSG9 kicks, Oakley’s, and a Casio G-Shock. There is legislation in place now that prevents hiring discrimination against macho gear-queers; in fact in most businesses are required by law to hire at least one token gear-queer.

Me, I’m just fine with gear-queers; some of my best friends are gear queers… I just wouldn’t want my sister to marry one. And if one were to visit my house I’d rather they didn’t use the bathroom. I admit it, when I see a gear-queer walking down the sidewalk I pull my child in close to me and cross the street. Also, if I hear of violence or crime committed somewhere I chuckle and say: “Well… just how much gear were they wearing?”

One of my friends recently moved across town so I asked him why he moved. He responded:

“Well, you know… it was getting a little too… ‘masculine’ in the hood if you catch my drift; gear queers were moving in and I just thought shit, there goes the neighborhood. They just aren’t like us, Geo… all they want to do is sharpen knives and field-strip their H&K 416s. It’s a scary thought but if things keep going the way they are now, one day one of them will be elected into the presidential office. If that ever happens I’m moving to Canada!”

Check out this video clip from TikTok… The visual along with the narration could quite possibly give you a chuckle! That is the name of the game, after all, to get you some chuckles at the end of a maddening week full of BLM, ANTIFA, liberal democraps, COVID, Pelosi, Harris, Biden — get some!


Serious bizness on that treadmill. #tonybakervo

♬ original sound – tonybakercomedy

Holy Hell — the Chineez!

Caricature by Udayakumar Nalinasekaren

Be an outrageous in-your-face hip-hop Amelican — or just look like one. Most of our American fashion and entertainment industry put a slash of Chineez on everything and in every aspect to give it that flare of worldly relevance and global desire… except, no, no we don’t do that; we don’t do that at all. Every country in Asia does it with Americana — it’s just not cool or noteworthy unless it is christened with the brand of American legitimacy!

I’m 99 percent sure my youngest daughter Regan designed this shirt. When confronted with it she denied everything. I locked eyes with her for several minutes waiting for them to do that instantaneous tell-tale sudden twitch away indicating she was lying. They never did… but all that means is that she is a good liar.

I may be crass for doing this, and this is a blatant tangent, but I call her Reggo the non-preggo because she made it all the way through high school without pissing hot for babies, while some of her friends did not — including a 15-year-old (girl). When I was in school at 15 years old, the girls were not even allowed to bring dolls to school; now they bring entire babies to school with them:

*taking math exam* “sssiiiggghhh… Mr. Peabody, I can’t concentrate with all these babies crying.”

“Then go to the Principal’s office, Bobby Kreezle!”

“Say, Tiffany… what are you doing out here on the playground — isn’t your baby upstairs?”

“Meh, he’ll be ok.”

“Hey Kaihtlyynh, a bunch of us are going ziplining after school — wanna come? It’s cool if you have to bring your baby.”

Wayne’s World; world gone mad!

Come again?

This shirt at one time did make sense… until its wearer fell down a really long flight of concrete stairs.

Just pounding down a qualtel-poundel with cheese and wondering if any of us would like some of her smiles *from the* magazine.

My girl Mi Pu-Ting got her priorities straight up over there Chiner’s Lik Long Dong province. In Murica it’s Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll; with Pu-Ting it’s Money, Cash — which is sort of like money as well — and Hoes. So maybe what she was going for was: Money, Mo-Money, and Hoes? On the other hand, she may have also have been trying for: Currency, Legal Tender, and Prostitutes — just spitballing for my girl Pu-Ting.

She was once waiting in the reception room at the clinic when a nurse stepped in to call her back to see the doc:

“Hu Pu-Ting?”

*other patients looking around nervously* “Not me!”

“Yeah, not me either!”

“Don’t look at me!”

“Well, it’s certainly not me — that’s disgusting!”

And yet it happened, folks — mad world!

geo’s Classic Art Meme of the Week:

geo’s Dad Joke Meme of the Week:

geo’s Operation Just ‘Cuz Meme:

I thought to try something with the King James Fridman Photoshop Master pictures. I’m taking one of James’s works and making my own version of it:

The King James Version

geo’s Version

“Many soldiers are led to faulty ideas of war by knowing too much about too little.”
General George S. Patton Jr.

Wounded on the way to the hospital: General Patton with Pvt. Frank A. Reed, 7th Infantry, 3rd Division who suffers from shrapnel wounds. Casualties are waiting to be evacuated by air. (National Archives and Records Administration)

By Almighty God and with honor,
geo sends