The Artemis Accords have recently been signed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), the most recent nation. The Accords, which establish best practices for safe and sustainable space exploration, were signed on July 14 during a virtual ceremony that included officials from NASA, the United States State Department, the Saudi Space Commission, and the embassies of both countries.

“Today, Saudi Arabia adds its voice to a diverse and growing set of nations,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said in an agency statement.

The US and Saudi Arabia collaborate more intensively in all aspects of space travel, including human-crewed spaceflight, earth observation, commercial and regulatory systems establishment, and responsible behavior in space, as the White House indicated in its press statement. “President Biden welcomed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, signing the Artemis Accords and reaffirming its commitment to the responsible, peaceful, and sustainable exploration and use of outer space,” he said.

The concepts of the Artemis Accords, which have their roots in the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, progress the Artemis program, which NASA leads. This effort will put the “first woman” and the “first person of color” on the Moon and lay the groundwork for a human journey to Mars. Artemis depends on the involvement of a large and varied international coalition collaborating toward the fulfillment of a historically significant and bold goal for human space exploration.