Special pays are very different from combat pay. There’s a slew of special pays out there. This makes it quite complicated for a new military servicemember (or perspective one) to figure out how much they can anticipate getting paid on a monthly basis. Pay periods are on the 1st and 15th of the month so expect to get paid twice monthly.

For instance, as a SEAL we would get regular Navy pay, dive pay, demolition pay, hazardous-duty pay, and parachute pay. In addition to that, we would receive off base housing allowance (BAH) which varies by geographic location. Hawaii is more expensive than Virginia, for example, so a servicemember would get more BAH living in Hawaii than VA.

When deployed to a combat zone there are multiple factors that determine how much combat compensation pay the servicemember is eligible for. It is mostly depending on geographic location.

Typically while deployed to a combat zone, military members are eligible to receive their contract bonuses 100 percent tax-free, as well. This can be substantial for an E-7 SEAL who is looking at a bonus of $150,000.