Critical Race Theory (CRT) has once again become a significant concern in the country. Its visibility has also risen as the media has brought it back into the front stage. While CRT seeks to solve concerns about racial inequality, it creates new problems.

CRT promotes a belief that America is essentially a fundamentally racist country and that all of our institutions are designed to maintain white supremacy.


CRT Sees All Relationships Involving a Power Struggle as Based on Race

According to Critical Race Theory, institutions such as law, education, and business are the primary source of racial problems. But what is the solution that CRT promotes? To overthrow them!

This theory rejects individual freedoms and responsibilities and divides people into racial groups. It pits groups against each other and judges guilt or innocence based on one’s race.

This threatens everything that America was founded on.

CRT has grown in its movement. Off-shoots or hybrids have emerged that take into account various other issues such as linguistic and immigration oppression. CRT now includes Critical Race Feminism (CRF), Latino Critical Race Studies (LatCrit), Asian American Critical Race Studies (Asian Crit), and American Indian Critical Race Studies Critical Race Theory (TribalCrit), Queer-Crit, etc. 

Critical Race Theory rests on the following five major components or tenets: