The passing of the buck has gone on long enough. It is time for the White House to award the family of Alwyn Cashe the Medal of Honor (MOH). The process to award the very deserving Cashe the MOH has dragged on far too long. 

Cashe’s posthumous Silver Star Medal was put in for an upgrade. It dragged through Congress for a waiver, as the five-year limit for an upgrade was long past, before finally being signed by then-President Trump in December 2020. 

An Unexplained Delay

However, after the January 6 Capitol takeover fiasco, the White House decided that the ceremony should wait until President Biden’s inauguration. And while the Biden administration was busy in its first few days signing a bevy of executive orders, mostly to undo much of what had taken place during the Trump term, the Cashe medal sat. 

Most of the military committee responsible for the award thought the president was going to award it on the country’s National Medal of Honor Day, which fell on March 25. But only crickets were heard from the White House. His family, as quoted by other media outlets, was also expecting it to happen then.