With Venezuela on the brink of starvation and an economy that has gone from the richest in South America to a starving population, could new leadership in Brazil offer different solutions to the Venezuelan crisis? While it does not seem Jair Bolsonaro wants to intervene militarily in Venezuela, he does seem very willing to work with President Trump in ending the situation in Venezuela.


Venezuela is a country on the brink of collapse, and a former shell of what was once the most prosperous country in Latin America. The economy has spiraled downward in the last few years with reports of massive starvation and inflation that is, according to the IMF, at 1,000,000 this year. Long lines for food and other basic goods, empty shelves at supermarkets, and a corrupt leadership has lead many to flee the country. However, countries such as Peru, Brazil, and Colombia can only do so much for the masses of migrants leaving the struggling country.

Brazil had to send troops in August to keep law and order after thousands of migrants started clashing with local residents. The problems of Venezuela do not only extend to its migrants fleeing by the millions, but also the failing healthcare system that has not stopped the spread of contagious diseases which are increasing at an alarming rate and spreading into neighboring countries. Diseases such as measles, malaria and diphtheria continue to spread rapidly in the country and pose a threat to neighboring countries and populations.