Dr. Henry Bello, a former family medicine doctor in the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center network, was identified by police as the gunman who shot seven people before killing himself. Three doctors were among the victims and a female doctor has died from her injuries. According to the New York Times, the shooting took place on the 16th and 17th floors just before 3 pm EST. The incident lasted less than 15 minutes before the doctor killed himself.

There are additional reports stating that the Bello attempted to light himself on fire prior to shooting himself.

Law enforcement officials say the doctor who opened fire at a New York City hospital where he once worked may have doused himself in an accelerant and tried to set himself on fire before shooting himself to death.” – Washington Post

Records indicate Bello lost his license to practice with Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center.

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The Washington Post reported, Bello quit in 2015 to avoid being fired. His work history and any disciplinary issues are unknown at this time. However, there have been some allegations of possible sexual harassment. It is unclear at this time if the female doctor Bello killed was the victim of the alleged sexual harassment. Mayor Bill de Blasio described the shooting as a “workplace dispute that ended in suicide.”

Dr. Bello was going to be fired by the hospital, but instead chose to resign, after he was accused of sexual harassment, a police official said. Another police official said Dr. Bello had left the hospital some time ago. “He didn’t leave voluntarily, he didn’t leave to take another job or go back,” the official said.

The situation unfolded in the middle of a place that people associate with care and comfort,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said during a news conference outside the hospital on the Grand Concourse in the Claremont Village neighborhood. The gunman acted alone, he said, adding that it appeared to be a workplace dispute that ended in a suicide — “but not before having done horrible damage,” the mayor said.- New York Times

The female doctor who was killed by Bello has not been identified yet. The condition of the other victims is also unknown at this time.

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