We want to thank everybody who participated in this week’s Scavenger Hunt-slash-Trivia Battle Royale, featuring The Loadout Room! We wanted to re-introduce the website to you and this seemed like a pretty good way to do that.

Winners will be announced in our newsletter on Sunday night.

UPDATE: An error on the original release had the entry form requiring answers in the Team Room section. That has been fixed. That section is not required, it is intended for our Team Room members.


All entrants saw the EXCLUSIVE video of Nick Irving and Chase Stroud as they dial in a target at 2022 yards. (That’s far.) Nick shot this video on April 12, 2013, so it’s basically a world premiere (well, Team Room got it yesterday…)

Prizes? This week’s prizes are:

Open Division

Grand Prize: 1 THULS Sniper Data “Dope” Book (as seen on Loadout Room)
Second Place: 1 SOFREP.COM T-Shirt in XL, Blue
Runner Ups: 4 Survival Bracelets

Team Room Division

Team Room, I asked Nick about prizes, and he wrote back, “Roger that!  I have some hardshoot swag and a ton of Team Reaper gear for you.” This week, Team Room, y’all are gonna have to trust us that we have four BADASS prizes coming to you from Nick’s company, Hardshoot. Bueno? Bueno!

Remember, all answers were found at LoadoutRoom.com.

1. What is the caption of the SECOND IMAGE on the ‘THULS Sniper Data “Dope” Book’ post

Unknown Distance Range Card

2. During what SEASON did Jack review the ATACS-FG?


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3. COMPLETE THE SENTENCE: In his “Sneak and Peek” post, Uri has a picture of “A handcuff key, a shim, the compass and”

the folding razor saw

4. One of Brandon’s personal favorite bolt action sniper rifles is:

The Blaser

5. In his “Offensive Hand Grenades” post, Bravo One writes this about WHICH HAND GRENADE? “…which in my experience was superior to fragment grenades for urban operations.”

Mk3A2 Concussion Grenade

6. What is the sentence AFTER this sentence? “I can tell you the last place you want to be learning a new skill is when your life depends on it.”

Start living a warrior lifestyle.

7. What is Brandon’s description of Third Line, the third content category in LoadoutRoom.com?

Everything on your back, what keeps you sustained in the field (your pack and all it’s contents)

8. Which tourniquet case can mount to your Safariland drop leg platform?

Eleven 10 – Kydex Tourniquet Case

9. What weapon made Jack jealous of ‘these MARSOC guys’?

New MARSOC .45, The M45 Close Quarter Battle Pistol

10. What is the second myth of the private security contractor? (Hint: It’s not numbered, but it’s in order and written in big, bold letters)

Myth: Contractors are not bound by local, state or federal laws. It’s a lawless country and they have immunity.

11. On what page will you find a picture of the RMR-30? (Title AND URL)

Open Comment

12. COMPLETE THE SENTENCE: To instantly incapacitate, you need to…

damage the brain stem

13. In his review of WHICH PRODUCT did Bravo Two write: “I have to give this optic a solid A”

Trijicon Accupoint 1-4X optic

14. Which “monster can lay down the hate”?

The GAU-19 Gatling .50 Cal

15. WRITE IN: Who is your favorite LoadoutRoom.com WRITER?

(write in)

Team Room Section

16. Which Nick Irving book is on our Team Room Recommended Reading list?

Team Reaper

17. Who is Bruce?

Destinee’s AR15

18. What boot has ‘a foot-bed that is made up of leather and Kevlar’?

NIKE Special Field Boot (SFB)

19. According to Bravo Two, what is the “next hardest thing to do”?

Mental relaxation and Natural Point of Aim

20. What’s your favorite post on LoadoutRoom.com (Title or URL)

(write in)

21. Name one thing we can do to improve YOUR Team Room experience.

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